Field Specialists
DataScan Field Services' network of experienced, highly trained field specialists performs inventory verification and inspections throughout North America. Using a combination of associate-based field specialists and independent contractors, DFS provides our clients with maximum coverage, at minimum cost.

Only field specialists exhibiting exceptional qualities, experience and training are selected. The selection is also based on a field specialist’s ability to meet both DFS' aggressive response times and rigorous performance standards. In addition to a background search, each potential candidate undergoes a screening process consisting of telephone and personal interviews.

To ensure quality standards are met, DFS closely monitors the performance of newly hired field specialists and encourages continued education. Our specialists participate in an extensive training program, encompassing professional presentation and behavior skills, customer service, systems operation, procedures, and client requirements. Field specialists must adhere to strict dress code policies and are required to carry an identification badge at all times.

Field Management
Our internal Field Operations Unit oversees DFS' extensive field specialist network and is responsible for recruiting, managing and training our specialists. The Field Operations Unit continuously measures the quality of our inventory verification and inspections. In addition, DFS has 14 Field Supervisors actively managing our field specialists.

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